How to Recreate Your Living Space with Interesting Wooden Furnishings

Wooden furnishings have the innate quality to lift the ambience of your living space and offer an elegant and rustic look. Retreating to a warm and cosy living space after a day’s work can be a dream-come-true for many which can be synonymous with exotic wooden furniture. Wooden accent walls and roof treatments involving false ceilings could go a long way in recreating your home but are often exhaustive and laborious tasks. In this article, we will discuss on recreating your living space without much compelling work.

Before indulging in furnishings, here are some basic pointers for arranging living room furniture.

  • Assigning a focal point is significant for creating an interesting space. The focal point could be a fireplace, a large window or the entertainment centre.


  • Designate interactive zones using furniture as key pieces. For instance, equip ottomans and small seaters around the main seating area for a casual meet-up space. You can use Rugs that are both plain and patterned which allows for defining different spaces.


  • Arrange furniture keeping in mind the traffic flow and movement. Also, if there is sufficient space, pull seating away from the walls as they provide for free-flowing movement and provide an intimate seating setup with all furniture placed closer. Interesting furniture pieces need to stand out with their profile emphasized, unobstructed by the wall.

Wooden Furnishings for Your Living Place


sofa set
Handcrafted Sofa Set

Sofa sets and seaters go a long way in creating the perfect living space. Before purchasing any piece, figure out the dimensions of your living space and buy the furniture in accordance.

For a warm and inviting environment, your best bet could be opting for wooden framed sofas as they offer for a compact look. The subtle texture and warm colour tones of wooden frame coupled with leather or upholstery can be a perfect fit for your living spaces.

In case you wish to remodel your space for a Mid-century contemporary look, you can opt for lavish Danish modern chairs and coffee tables. Available in shades of walnut, teak, beige and faux leather finishes, modern wooden seating with its sharp profile accentuates any given living space.

Barclay Three Seater Sofa
Barclay Three Seater Sofa

In case of a more traditional approach, you can opt for Indian furniture that boasts of intricate craft and rich workmanship. Barclay sofa with seating upholstery act as strong visual points and other traditional seating like settee and camelback sofas uplift the charm and elegance of your living space. Throw in a few patterned cushions to go along with your sofa sets for a colourful and vivid space.

Couple your sofa sets with area rugs that are large enough for small tables and stools to sit on top of comfortably. Also, make sure that at least the front legs of the sofa sit on top of the rugs. Rugs with neutral pastel tones flawlessly complement the rustic and bold finish of wooden furnishings.

Coffee Tables

wooden Coffee Table
Agra Coffee Table Set

Placed often at the centre of the seating space, coffee tables are functional units with which a dash of trendy design can, in turn, activate the living space. Though normally many tend to opt for glass finishes, wooden coffee tables come with interesting designs such as the traditional two-tier and single tier ones, and the modern ones with interesting sliding options and drawers. Based on the overall ambience of the room, opt for the one that is in sync with the rest of the furniture.

Other Furnishings

wooden Entertainment Unit
Entertainment Unit in Brown Finish

Entertainment centres act as a major focal point in the living room, whether it is small or large. Both traditional and contemporary design units can provide niches for open and close storage. Other interesting furniture pieces that can be added to your living space are console tables, vintage themed side tables, upholstered stools, shoe racks and seating benches.

wooden Storage Bench
Sheesham Wood Storage Bench

For a vintage themed living room, apart from the usual units, you can also opt for other furnishings involving storage crates, trunks, sideboards, and cabinets. Old clocks and framed pictures serve as perfect wall embellishments complementing the overall look of your living space. Soften the space with lampshades and sconces.

Finally, remember that when opting for wooden furniture, take into consideration the overall look of the space– if you opt for an intricate seater with heavy workmanship, then go easy on the other furnishings for it to stand out from the rest of the space and to create a sense of harmony and balance.

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