How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Bedroom

Investing in a good bed goes a long way in ensuring a good night’s sleep along with accentuating the aesthetics of your bedroom. Apart from selecting the right mattresses to suit one’s body type, there is also the need to select the right bed frame to go along with your room.

A wooden bed not only offers a rich variety to choose from but also suits well to the likes of both modern and traditional outlook. The durability and robust build of wooden beds make them a convenient and captivating option for any bedroom. Carved from solid pieces of wood, they are either made of hardwood or soft wood materials, and are available in a myriad of finishes like mahogany, solid oak, teak, and pine, etc.

So before you start your search to buy bed online, here are some common types of Beds you can choose from –

  1. Bedsteads

As opposed to solid beds, bedsteads involve slatted frames generally made of metal or wood to support the mattress and headboards, etc. They are comparatively easier to transport and work as great additions to rooms with limited space. Coming at varied options involving traditional, classic style to poster beds, and upholstered bed, bedsteads are more decorative in nature with interesting design, finishes etc.

The sleek legs coupled with the absence of any bulky material underneath the bed provide them with a clean and compact look. Since they already involve headboards, there is no need of a separate headboard. The only drawback with bedsteads is the lack of storage of space, where placing any items below it creates a messy look. However, there are customizable options available that can accommodate storage.

  • Modern Bed Styles

A King-size bedstead of Modern style

Coming at different sizes such as king size bed, queen size bed, single bed, etc., the modern bed styles involve horizontal and vertical wooden framing that appear both trendy and cosy at the same time. The rich wood panelling with its contemporary colour scheme makes it a perfect adornment for modern bedrooms. They are available with both the absence and presence of footboards.

  • Classic Bed Styles

Alara Poster Bed made of Sheesham wood

They involve traditional bed frames featuring exquisite carving and embellishments. The antique style bed board, sleigh beds, and poster beds come under this category. Poster beds have gained prominence in recent times, which when coupled with an elaborate canopy makes for a striking appearance.

  • Bed with no Headboards or Footboards

Bed frames which come with no headboard or footboard can suit well to a modern space. Coming at king size, queen size to single cot beds, these are often arranged at wall corners and can double as seating space too. Couple them with cushions and pillows you get a clean looking modern bed style

  • Platform Beds

Valencia King Size Platform Bed

Platform beds which are placed closer to the floor than traditional ones can look very trendy and modern. These lower ground beds can be fitting if one wants children and pets to easily access the bed.

  • Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds involve a bed frame that features a soft and durable material incorporated in form of cushioning. The beds often feature plush headboard clad with sleek leather, faux leather or crushed velvet.

They can be either in the divan setup complete with upholstery or can feature upholstered headboards that sit atop a wooden frame. Requiring more care and caution than wooden bedsteads, these beds, however, make up in style quotient by providing a warm and cosy look. The soft look of the bed coupled with the richness of fabric and colour give it an elevated look as compared to wooden beds.  Upholstered headboards often have specific designs with either seams or buttons sewn to create a pattern involving depth and texture.

With their rich colour tones and plush design feature that suit well with the confines of contemporary setup, upholstered beds make for a grand look. Their build resonates with the feel of luxury and creates a signature style.

2. Divan beds

A typical Divan Bed

A divan bed involves a simple style of bed where the mattress sits upon a solid base, and with a headboard attached to the wall. Some of the divan beds are coupled with storage, but overall these beds are simple with little to no designs and ornamentation.

3. Storage beds

Solid wood Queen Size Drawer Bed in Provincial Teak

Storage beds have become the most common option suited to small bedrooms with their storage space. Coming at king size storage bed and queen size storage bed, platform storage bed, divan storage bed, etc., they feature pull out drawers and shelves which have become quite efficient in storing items that do not require constant use.

  • Ottoman beds

A typical Queen size Ottoman bed with hydraulic lift

Ottoman beds allow you to easily lift your mattress using hydraulic lifts to disclose storage compartment beneath the mattress without disturbing the covers or pillows on the bed. The hydraulic lifts ease out on the weight of the bed and once lifted enable you to remove your hands from the mattress to store items. The storage compartment can be a single large space or can be divided into smaller sections.

The most popular is the Queen size Ottoman bed which comes in handy especially in places with a shortage of space and storage. You can store extra pillows, blankets, and books.

In cases of other storage beds with drawers, there are hard to reach places in the middle of the bed. However, in ottoman beds, the entire space is easily accessible and given the lifting nature of the bed, one doesn’t have to worry about leaving space on the sides for opening the storage drawers. They are a wise addition to a small room with little to no storage spaces.

Other flexible bed options

Sofa beds, bunk beds, cabin beds and folding beds are some other options you can check out for a more flexible approach.

Pointers to remember before buying a bed

  • First, consider your bedroom size and see if a smaller bed like a single or double cot or a large one like a queen or king size bed would fit.
  • Also decide on the décor of the room if you want a traditional or modern look.
  • If there isn’t much furniture, and you want to double up your bed space to accommodate both storage and seating, go for large beds with storage like ottoman beds or beds with drawers, etc. There are also options of sofa beds that could be extended for sleeping.
  • In case of wanting kids or pets to easily reach your bed at ease, go for low-to-ground beds. However, they do take away the option of storage.
  • Pay attention to the footboards of the bed. In cases where there is a lack of space, extended footboards can hinder movement.

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