8 Great Tables & Chairs Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Who doesn’t dream of a warm, cozy, bright, airy, sophisticated and uncluttered living room that is not just entertaining and relaxing at the same time? If you want to design a modern living room, then you must pay special attention to detail. You need to consider maximizing the open space and light entering your living room while at the same time, you should focus on coordinating shapes, textures and colours. What can make or break the show is your choice of furniture pieces. Creative tables and chairs are a must for defining the entire look of your living room that also reflects your personality and style.

Here are some tables and chairs ideas that you can consider for augmenting the overall look of your living room.

1. Style and purpose

Console Table in Espresso Walnut Finish

The first and foremost thing that you must consider while renovating or designing your living room is to define a primary purpose. What kind of living room do you wish to design? Do you want it to be a casual setting or a formal one? Would you be using it for spending quality time with your family or do you just wish to entertain your guests? The pieces of chairs, tables and other furniture you would pick would entirely be dependent on your primary purpose.

2. Opt for pieces that complement the overall look


If you want your home décor to stand out, then you need to make sure that all the elements are working in cohesion. Each décor element needs to  complement and not compete with each other. For this to happen, the proportions and colors of your furniture pieces must be appropriate. This can be easily attained by going for neutral floors, walls, as well as furniture upholstery. Opting for beiges and off-whites make your space appear larger as they reflect light and accentuate the textures and tones of the ambience.

3. Chairs and tables with low visual weight

A Beige-coloured Occasional Chair

When choosing living room furniture, you need to opt for pieces that appear to have low visual weight. This should be in terms of design, color and size as it lends a lightweight as well as breezy perception to your entire living room setting. You can opt for chairs and tables that have light tones instead of opting for dark toned pieces. Opt for pieces that are not bulky visually, especially if you have space constraints.

Natural pale-coloured Coghill End Table

Going for sleek and slim designs would be your best bet. Before you buy Tables & Chairs online, make sure that the visual weight should not be overlooked when it comes to living room furniture. You can go for pale colours over darker colours. You should also opt for pieces that have legs instead of going for boxy designs. End tables featuring a glass top will take up less visual place when compared to wooden ones. Opt for furniture that would not obstruct any views if you want your living room area to look more spacious.

4. Opt for multi-functional pieces

Toledo Set of Tables occupying less space

If space is really a constraint, then you need to be really carefully in picking modern furniture online such as chairs and tables. You can opt for lightweight textured chairs, little stools that can be converted into tables. You can opt for small tables that as well serve as extra seating.

5. Opt for accent chairs

Printed Fabric Accent Chair

Accent chairs serve two purposes. They offer additional seating space in your living room as well as complete your design scheme as well as color. These chairs can certainly elevate the look of your living room. If you are considering art décor, then you can go for leather accent chairs that promise plenty of seating area as well as add subtle shades of colors throughout your living room. You can go for minimalist accent chairs if you want to design a highly contemporary living room with neutral color scheme. You can also go for vinyl sleek chairs for complementing highly modern living room. You can go for white accent chairs if your living room features a dark color scheme.

6. Choose glass topped table

If you intend to showcase a lot of accessories in your living room, then you must opt for tables that feature a glass top. This will shift the focus towards your accessories without exuding a feeling of crammed up space.

7. Opt for long and multiple tables

Long Console table in Honey Oak colour

You can place multiple tables of various sizes throughout your living room for an innovative look. You can utilize two long tables for dividing your couches. This visual illusion will create a statement look that is effective and simple.

8. Opt for two tier table or a table with statement legs

Custom-designed End table with unique legs

You can go for custom designs or tables with unique legs. This will transform your tables into focal points in your room without competing with other décor elements. A two tier table can also be opted for showing off your unique collection of accessories. You can decorate the tables with fresh flowers, vases and lacquered boxes for transforming your living room into a vibrant and sophisticated space.

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